A Questionnaire-Based Study of the Disposal of Unused and Expired Medications Among the General Public in North Karnataka

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,2022,12,1,2641-2646.
Published:July 2022
Type:Original Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Binu KM*, Nima Joseph, Afiya Sultana, H Doddayya

Department of Pharmacy Practice, N.E.T Pharmacy College, Raichur, Karnataka – 584103


This study was conducted to assess the disposal practices of unused and expired pharmaceuticals at the urban areas of North Karnataka. A prospective questionnaire study for six months were conducted. People above the age of 18 years were included in the study. Data from the questionnaire was analyzed using appropriate statistical tools. A total of 306 participants were enrolled in the study. The study revealed that out of these 306 respondents, 55.2% were males and 44.8% were females. Most of the participants 65.6% were aged between 20 - 29 years. Most of the participants were educated. 91% participants opinioned that they purchased medicines on prescription. 91% checked the expiry date of medicines, prior to purchase. 65% participants felt that their methods of drug disposal were safe. 81% participants agreed that there was a need for safe drug disposal guidelines for public. 51% participants were throwing the expired medicines in household garbage, 30% kept the medicines at home until expired, 2% flush unused medications in toilet or sink, 8% had return the unused medicines to medical stores, 6% gave to friends or relatives and 3% had donated to hospital. Safe disposal of pharmaceuticals after its use or expiry is very much important, otherwise it will create a wide range of toxicity in environment. The knowledge of general public about disposal of unused and expired medicines and problems associated with it was good. Attitude was also very empathetic, but this is not transforming into practices.

Good practices with the expired medicines (N=306)