Study of category of drugs used in pregnancy in tertiary care hospital- a prospective observational study

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,2021,11,3,2538-2542.
Published:December 2021
Type:Original Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Kripa K Joy1, Nissy Babu1,*, Abubaker Siddiq2,*, Bharathi D Ramesh2

1Department of Pharmacy Practice, S.J.M College of Pharmacy, Chitradurga- 577502, Karnataka, INDIA.

2Department of Pharmacology, S.J.M College of Pharmacy, Chitradurga-577502, Karnataka, INDIA.


Background: Pregnancy is special physiological condition where drug treatment presents a special concern. Prescribing patterns of the drug in the pregnant women are the serious events which can have harmful effects to mother as well as fetus if administered. Objectives: To study and evaluate the prescribing pattern of drug used in pregnancy in OBG department and to find out the percentage of risk category of drugs used in pregnancy and categories of the drugs according to the USFDA drug risk category. Materials and Methods: A prospective observational study was conducted on a total of 111 pregnancy patients who were admitted in Basaveshwara Medical College Hospital, Chitradurga. This study was carried out for a period of 6 months. Patient profile was used as source of data. Result: A total of 111 patients were enrolled in the study. Out of this the more number of patients were in the age group of 23-26(39.64%). About 10(9%) were found having the co morbidity of hypothyroidism and 38(34.23%) patients have co morbidity condition. US FDA drug pregnancy category were seen in mostly in the pregnant women of 24 (45.28%) of risk category C and followed by pregnant women of 15(28.30%) of B category. 58.56% of antibiotic are prescribed to the pregnant women for the study. Conclusion: Drugs prescribing are a risk factor for harmful effect on foetus. The research concluded that drug risk category were common in the prescription. Mainly used categories are A, B, and C for this study.

Co-Morbidity Condition