Thromboprophylaxis of Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation: Into the Crux of Anti-coagulant Therapy in Current Scenario

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,2019,9,1,2059-2065.
Published:March 2019
Type:Original Article
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Shreya Vijayan, Shilpa Mohan

Department of Pharmacy Practice, Al Shifa College of Pharmacy, Poonthavanam PO, Perinthalmanna-679325, Kerala, India.


Amid the arrhythmias confronted in clinical practice Atrial Fibrillation is ineluctable. Stroke is grim complication of Atrial Fibrillation due to its inherent prospective for occlusion of cerebral vessels. Hence physicians subjugate the situation by referring thromboprophylaxis. With this study we aim to characterize the anti-thrombotic medication profiles and also to determinine the efficacy of anticoagulant therapy used for thromboprophylaxis‘s in solicitous patients. A prospective study of observational nature was carried out in a tertiary care referral hospital for a period of one and half years to yield a total of 260 patients. The anti thrombotic drugs and dosages selected at the discretion of the treating cardiologist was audited during the study period and was used to evaluate the efficacy of anticoagulants. Study revealed that 72% of the subjects received anticoagulation. There was a preponderance of warfarin in about 89% of the population followed by apixaban in 2% and dabigatran in 9%. In warfarin anticoagulated group dosage gamut included 2 to 5 mg where 38.46%, 23% and 38.46% patients achieved target INR when treated with 2mg, 3mg and 4mg respectively whereas the percentage in 110mg dabigatran therapy accounts for about 67%. Stroke prevention in Atrial fibrillation is exigent part in the management of cardiac patients. A forestall towards appropriate thromboprophylaxis can extricate the patients from humongous clinical complications and financial burden put upon the subject in the advancement of the disease condition. From days of yore warfarin has demonstrated its efficacy and has ensconced overriding position in the markets of India.


Other Medications used in Study Population